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The Food Institute: Analysis: How to Win Back E-Commerce Shoppers

While the end of the pandemic has been mostly good news for grocers, the return to in-store shopping has taken its toll on grocery e-commerce. More than half (52%) of consumers have stopped using the channel since 2022, according to data from SymphonyAI Retail CPG.

However, digital offerings remain valuable for both supermarkets and customers, so grocers need to shift their strategy toward the needs of the post-COVID consumer.

Part of the reason for this shift is demand for omnichannel in general. In fact, even the most loyal grocery e-commerce customers still shop in-store 40% of the time, according to the Winning with the Omnichannel Shopper in the Face of Disruption report by 84.51°. Additionally, less loyal ecommerce shoppers visit the store 90% of the time.


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