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Tasting Table: Study reveals the top concern for sustainable shoppers

Sustainablility is foremost in the minds of many right now, but how grocery shoppers are prioritizing what's most important to them in this regard may be surprising to some. No, it's not single-use plastics, recycling, or over-packaging that is causing the most concern, although according to recent data those things do matter to sustainably minded shoppers.

Based on information from Kroger Co.'s retail data company 84.51°, reducing food waste in shoppers' own kitchens is actually the issue with the highest level of concern, reports Food Business News.

"It isn't so much that a product needs to be sustainable or sustainably sourced," notes Barbara Connors, vice president of commercial insights at 84.51°. "The top concern is actually in the customer's hands, because it involves what they do with a product after they buy it. The biggest thing they want to do is be responsible about buying the right amount of food and working their way through it."

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