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Supermarket News: Saving money is top of mind for shoppers: Kroger survey

Shoppers’ attitudes are changing when it comes to their finances. And it’s set to have a significant effect on grocery shopping behavior, according to a new consumer survey from Kroger.

According to the survey, conducted in December, some 24% of shoppers reported a decrease in optimism surrounding their personal finances, and 56% said saving money is their top financial resolution for 2023.

The survey comes from 84.51°, a Cincinnati-based retail data science, insights and media company owned by The Kroger Co.

When it comes to grocery, shoppers are, unsurprisingly, both looking for aid as well as scaling back purchases. That looks like:

  • 71% are looking for sales and coupons to offset increases in grocery store prices

  • 62% are scaling back on non-essentials

  • 55% are switching to a lower cost brand

  • 42% are purchasing fewer items

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