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Supermarket News: COVID surge sways Super Bowl fans to stick to home-field celebrations

January surveys by The Kroger Co.’s 84.51° data analytics arm reveal that consumers are sticking to traditional Super Bowl munchies for the game.

Of those polled by 84.51°, 75% plan to serve chips and dips, and 44% will have alcoholic beverages. Other favorites on tap for game day include home-made appetizers (43%), pizza (39%) and pre-made appetizers (35%).

The 84.51° surveys also detected that the uptick in COVID-19 cases fueled by Omicron is affecting the shopping experience. Forty percent of respondents said they are extremely concerned about COVID, up 11% from December. In turn, 24% of consumers reported enjoying grocery shopping less than the previous month because of elevated COVID cases and unvaccinated shoppers.

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