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Store Brands: Plant-Based Report: Texture, Price Among Top Concerns for Consumers

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Consumers overwhelmingly like health benefits the most about plant-based foods, while price and texture/consistency remain drawbacks, according to a new report from 84.51° and the Plant Based Foods Association.

Kroger’s retail data firm and the trade group surveyed 60 million households in the top 50% of plant-based spend across age groups to field the insights for its Unmet Needs: Insights & Solutions report. Shannon Weis, lead consultant and insights account manager at 84.51° and spokesperson for the Plant Based Food Association, spoke with Store Brands about some of the report’s findings at Natural Products Expo West 2023.

Across the four age brackets, health benefits were overwhelmingly what consumers said they liked most about plant-based foods, including meats, milks and cheeses. Consumers under 44-years-old disliked the consistency/texture of many plant-based foods, and consumers between the ages of 25 and 34 most disliked the high price of many items.

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