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Store Brands: 84.51° October Digest: More Insights Into Thanksgiving Plans, Holiday Shopping

October 21, 2022

84.51°, Kroger’s retail data and insights company, has shared its October Digest report detailing how consumers are shopping as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas draw closer, giving retailers a better sense of how to position private label assortments.

With Halloween around the corner, retailers can expect a last minute push for candy and supplies. 84.51°’s data showed that 30% of all trips for candy in October last year happened in the last seven days leading up to and including Halloween, and 17% of all trips for candy in October happened in the last three days of the month.

Of those surveyed in the October Digest report, 38% of shoppers say they will cut back on their Thanksgiving meal due to inflation, echoing the similar findings of 84.51°’s Holidays 2022 white paper. Nearly half (45%) of respondents said they will cut back on turkey or pumpkin pie, 37% will cut back on corn bread, and 32% will cut back on side dishes like cranberry sauce, stuffing and mac & cheese.

Once Thanksgiving passes, many Americans will shift to holiday shopping. As of October, 25% of customers have already begun their holiday shopping, with another 57% beginning in the next few weeks to month. Nearly 20% of those either won’t shop until the last week before their holiday or won’t shop at all.

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