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Store Brands: 84.51° Details Halloween Spending, Inflation and Kroger's Private Brands

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Store Brands spoke with 84.51°'s Michael McGowan at Groceryshop 2022 about the upcoming holidays and how Kroger customers are changing their spending habits.

It’s no secret that high inflation is continuing to impact Americans’ shopping habits, including many shoppers switching to private brands for groceries and household goods. In its latest Consumer Digest report for the month of September, 84.51°, Kroger’s retail data and insights company, detailed how consumers say they are planning to shop with Halloween around the corner and Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon.

While candy sales are expected to rise compared to last year according to the National Confectioners Association, many consumers say they will cut back on buying. According to 84.51°’s latest data, 33% of those surveyed said they planned to spend less on candy ahead of Halloween. 41% said they planned to spend less on decor, and 24% said they planned to cut back on what they spend towards costumes. Overall, roughly a third (31%) of those surveyed said they don’t plan on celebrating Halloween at all.

Click here to read the full Store Brands article.

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Senior VP, Commercial Insights & Loyalty
Michael McGowan is senior vice president of Commercial Insights & Loyalty for 84.51°, based in Cincinnati. He is responsible for the commercializing the 84.51° insights and loyalty solutions with CPG companies and oth...
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