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Specialty Food News: Report: Understanding Tomorrow's Shopper

Tomorrow’s shopper is aging, with customers aged 65+ expected to outnumber children under 18 by 2034, according to insights from Kroger’s data research firm 84.51º. Research suggests that because of this, brands need to begin meeting the needs of older consumers.

The report also found that the future shopper is more culturally diverse, is likely a part of evolving household structures, with one-person and multigenerational households slated to experience growth, and faces economic divergence, with income inequality expected to widen. The data firm notes that these changes, in tandem, could impact how consumers shop.

“As the retail landscape evolves, understanding the changing dynamics across different generations is essential for brands aiming to stay relevant,” said 84.51º in a statement. “As we look to the future, projected demographic changes and grocery purchase signals offer valuable insights for brands.”


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