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Snack food & Wholesale Bakery: Fun Friday Super Bowl/V-day edition: Big Game ads, snack impact, 'Love lost, DUMPlings found'

Super Bowl, Valentine's Day consumer spending

American shoppers spend more than $23.9 billion on Valentine's Day, and $14.6 billion on the Super Bowl every year, according to the NRF. In its January Consumer Digest, 84.51°, the retail data science, insights, and media company helping Kroger and its partners create customer-centric shopper journeys, dives into consumer spending habits for these two February holidays. 

Draft Picks for Super Bowl Snacks: According to 84.51°’s January Consumer Digest, 66% of those surveyed are planning to celebrate this year, and chips & dips are the most popular party food on the menu:

  • 73% are serving chips & dips 

  • 52% are serving pizza 

  • 45% are serving alcoholic beverages 

  • 37% are serving fruits and vegetables

  • 37% are serving premade appetizers

Shoppers are most heavily influenced by household requests (51%), deals in their store (43%) and items available in the physical store (35%), followed by recipes (33%) and items already in the kitchen (27%).

Valentine’s Day Vibes: Love is in the air for some shoppers, while 27% have no plans to celebrate the holiday on Feb. 14, according to the January Consumer Digest. 

For those who do intend to spread the love, here’s whom they’re shopping for:

  • 54% buying for spouse/Significant others

  • 32% buying for children

  • 11% buying for pets

  • 10% buying for other relatives

  • 9% buying for themselves

Consumers will find gift inspiration through mass retail stores (52%), online searches (37%), and grocery stores (33%).


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