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Retail brew: How omnichannel shoppers divide their allegiances between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores

Omnichannel shopping is retail’s answer to polyamory, with consumers having fidelity to neither online nor in-store shopping, but rather genuine feelings for both. And to have a fulfilling relationship with these ENM-esque shoppers, retailers want to know when they go out, when they stay home, and how best to communicate with them.

Now 84.51°, a Kroger company that gathers data on omnichannel shoppers, whom it defines as those who’ve shopped both online and in-store at Kroger in the past 52 weeks, has some insights on what they like…and their dealbreakers.

Perhaps the most striking finding from 84.51°’s latest report, based on data gathered in February, is just how equally divided these omni-shoppers (as the company dubs them) are:

  • Among omni-shoppers, 40% do most of their shopping in-store, 40% do most online, and 20% shop in-store and online equally.


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