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Quirk's: How to cater to a budget-conscious consumer

Editor’s note: Brittany Hanson is the director of consumer research at 84.51°. This is an edited version of an article that originally appeared under the title “How to cater to the budget-savvy shopper.”

Today's consumers are busier than ever managing work, family and social lives while also trying to meet their nutritional needs without breaking their budget. CPG brands and retailers that make it easy for shoppers to find healthy, affordable food will win loyalty from these busy, budget-savvy shoppers. How to succeed:

Pre-shopping preparation

Our research shows that the majority (74%) of shoppers prepare by making a shopping list ahead of time, whether on paper or digitally and nearly half (44%) of shoppers estimate the total basket cost beforehand. When selecting a store, key factors shoppers consider include:

  • General product prices (75%).

  • Sales promotions and coupons (71%).

  • Location of the store (70%).

  • Product selection (64%).

  • Product quality (60%).

  • Product freshness (54%).

Source: 84.51° Moments that Matter Custom Research, October 2023.


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