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Progressive Grocer: What Drives Today’s Hybrid Shoppers?

New omnichannel report from 84.51° affirms more entrenched attitudes around convenience, substitutions and order fulfillment.

Omnichannel shoppers may buy in many places, but their behaviors can be pinned down. A new report from the 84.51° retail data science arm of The Kroger Co. sheds light into today’s hybrid consumers as the e-commerce marketplace continues to evolve. The base used for the study included those who shopped both online and in-store at Kroger over the past 52 weeks.

Convenience remains the primary driver among those who toggle between in-store visits and online grocery shopping. According to 84.51°’s "Omnichannel Special Report," more than 80% of shoppers who use pickup or delivery cite convenience as their main reason for ordering that way.


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