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Path to Purchase IQ: Holiday 2021 Meet the hybrid shopper

The pandemic spurred immense change in shopper behavior and the retail industry at large in 2020. Due to lockdowns and safety concerns as well as out-of-stocks in stores, e-commerce was unleashed — in many cases out of necessity.

Consumers are now increasingly shopping online, but they are not giving up their in-store trips. A new kind of pandemic-era customer has emerged — the hybrid shopper. While shopper behavior is still evolving, particularly in e-commerce, it’s evident the online shopping segment has already created significant opportunities for brands that were quick to recognize omnichannel shopping as the “next normal.” With the 2021 holiday season here, it will be a test of marketers’ ability to create and offer the best experiences — both in-store and online — for a new era of hybrid shoppers that fluidly move across channels.

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