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Path to purchase insights revealed

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With more ways than ever to decide how and when to make a purchase, shopper behavior is constantly changing and can be difficult to predict. The July edition of the Consumer Digest explores this winding journey known as the consumer’s path to purchase.

From planned purchases versus impulse buys to customers’ shopping behaviors and meal plans for the fall, we explore the key decision points that are determining what makes it into shoppers’ baskets and when.

Where will shoppers purchase groceries and household items?

Though the majority of shoppers say they’ll shop in-store in the upcoming months, a growing number have added pickup to the mix in the last quarter. The number of shoppers saying they use pickup jumped from 8% in April to 14% in July.

July CD Chart 1

Planned vs. impulse: When do shoppers decide?

Customers shopping in-store usually decide to buy treats like candy, bakery and ice cream during their trip, but decide to purchase non-edible staples before they shop.

Planned: Items that shoppers are most likely to decide on purchasing before they shop:

  • 76% Paper Products (toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, etc.)

  • 75% Personal care (toothpaste, soap, etc.)

  • 74% Household cleaning (dish soaps, cleaners, detergents, air fresheners, etc.)

  • 73% Health care (over the counter medications, vitamins, first aid, etc.)

  • 72% Dairy (milk, cheese, etc.)

Impulse: Items that shoppers are most likely to decide to purchase during their shopping trip:

  • 45% Produce

  • 60% Ice Cream/Novelties

  • 63% Fresh Bakery

  • 67% Snacks/Candy

Source: 84.51° Real Time Insights, July 2023

Where shoppers plan to have their meals this fall

As summer winds down and kids head back to school, shoppers say they will be gathering around the table and eating more of their meals at home.

July CD Chart 2

The path to purchase is an ever-changing journey guided by a variety of influences. To learn more about key decision points in consumers’ path to purchase and how to leverage them, read the full report.

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