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Meat & Poultry: Snacking occasions on a roll

Few snack categories have experienced as much change during the past decade as snacks made from meat. Not too long ago, when a consumer heard the term meat snack, highly processed meat sticks or jerky sitting by the register at a convenience store likely came to mind. Today, meat snacks can be found in the fridge, freezer and ambient aisle. Some retailers have dedicated highly desirable end-cap displays to the growing number of shelf-stable products rolling out into the marketplace. Sports stores carry them, as they have become the go-to snack for backpackers. You will also find them at airport kiosks, coffee shops and even vending machines. And many of them are touting the fact that they are clean-label snacks for the protein-seeking consumer.

Snacking insights published in July 2021 by Cincinnati-based data powerhouse 84.51°, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Kroger Co., state that while popcorn was a favorite snack early in the pandemic, showing almost 50% growth year over year as families turned to movie and game nights at home for entertainment, sales have largely subsided. Meat snacks are gaining momentum into 2021, which is in line with consumer aspirations for healthier lifestyles.

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