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Infographic: Treat yourself — Shoppers indulge in snacks, drinks and fresh foods

We all deserve a little treat now and then, and recent research reveals exactly where grocery shoppers like to splurge. A survey of [PS1] shoppers sheds light on the categories and items consumers purchase as indulgences during regular grocery trips. The top three categories shoppers regularly buy as treats are snacks/candy, drinks like juices and soda, and fresh produce – each selected by 34% of respondents. Thirty-one percent indulged in dairy items like cheese, while 30% treated themselves to selections from the deli or fish counter.

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When it comes to occasional treats, 58% sometimes bought fresh bakery items. Over half also treated themselves to snacks/candy (57%) or frozen foods (52%) on occasion.

Check out the full infographic for more insights on how grocery shoppers treat themselves. What tasty indulgences top your grocery list?


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