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Infographic: Exploring the ‘why’ behind omnichannel shopping

Omnichannel grocery shopping is here to stay. What was once an experimental idea—engaging shoppers through interconnected digital and physical touchpoints—is now a requirement. But omnichannel paths to purchase are not identical or linear. Grocery shoppers choose to shop in-store or online for different purposes, situations and needs.

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In-store versus ecommerce Our research, 84.51° Real Time Insights Survey February 2023, examines grocery shopping behaviors across channels and modalities to better understand what motivates consumers to shop the way they do. For instance, while consumers shop both in-store and online, they do so for different reasons. Our research shows that the top reason consumers shop in-store for groceries is the selection of merchandise while having the opportunity to shop at any time of day is what consumers like best about online shopping.

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Completing an order We also looked into why consumers still shop in-store even when they’re picking up an online order. The majority (46%) of consumers said it’s because they “forgot to add something” to their online order. For consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and retailers, this is an opportunity to win customers by coordinating their physical and digital aisles, making it easy for shoppers to quickly find the items they want.

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