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Getting new items right before going national

How Johnsonville leveraged 84.51° Consumer Research to hear directly from their shoppers on how to optimize a line of new items.


Johnsonville developed a new line of unique sausage items. After a few months of slowed performance, Johnsonville recognized the need to identify potential barriers to trial and repeat and modifications needed before expanding distribution nationally and beginning a major ad campaign to support the products.


Johnsonville utilized 84.51° to conduct several online focus group sessions, leveraging 84.51°'s targeting ability to connect with actual buyers of the products. Johnsonville's CEO & senior management heard direct feedback from these shoppers about the products, and why they did or did not repeat. Johnsonville also received buyer feedback on some new packaging ideas to take to market.

"Being able to have key stakeholders, including the CEO, hear directly from actual buyers provided instant buy-in when we recommended changes prior to our national launch."

Karen Kraft, Associate Director, Consumer Insights & Analytics Johnsonville Sausage


Qualitative insights from the focus group sessions gave Johnsonville clear direction on how to modify the items and packaging to retain triers and drive repeat. The team reformulated the products, simplified the packaging and cooking instructions, and applied learnings to create new flavor. Feedback also informed the marketing strategy and who to target moving forward.

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