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Gaining distribution across retailers thanks to 84.51° insights

How Ruiz leveraged 84.51° Stratum to expand their portfolio at national retailers who previously only carried one pack size type.


Ruiz was looking to expand their Frozen Breakfast Multi-Pack and Single-Serve items in retailers who previously carried only one pack size type. Multiple retailers operated under the thinking that it was best not to duplicate items with the same flavors on shelf. Ruiz was able to communicate the positive effects of carrying both pack sizes on shelf by demonstrating that households shopping each are different.


Ruiz utilized 84.51° Stratum cross shop and custom segmentations to showcase how different pack sizes engage different consumers and that carrying items across pack sizes gets households to spend more. 84.51°’s scale and granularity enabled Ruiz to prove that Single-Serve and Multi-pack items results in households spending more and picking up more units.


Ruiz successfully used 84.51° insights to expand pack size type distribution at multiple large, national retailers (non traditional grocery). Their confidence in the size and granularity of 84.51° data led to actionable and unique insights that encourages Ruiz to continue to find creative ways to leverage 84.51° data nationally.

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