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eMarketer: 5 key stats on baby boomers: A look at shopping, search, and spending

For marketers, ‘OK, boomer’ isn’t such a bad phrase after all. Baby boomers (ages 60 to 78) make up 20% of the US population yet control $76 trillion—52% of the country’s net wealth, per the Federal Reserve as reported by The Economist. Despite marketers fixating on Gen Z, boomers wield substantial spending power and have distinct behaviors worth noting.

Here are five key stats to inform your boomer marketing strategy.

1. Boomers use Google more than any other app on their phones.

Key stat: Google is the most-used app for more than three-fourths (76%) of boomers, surpassing social networks like Facebook (71%) and YouTube (66%), per a Forbes Advisor and Talker Research survey.

Why it matters: Although Gen Z is embracing social search, paid search on Google is still dominant, and that’s especially true for boomers. The survey found that 94% of boomers use search engines to search for brand names, compared with only 64% of Gen Z.


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