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Daily Meal: BJ's Wholesale Club Products You Might Want To Skip Buying

it's said that everything is bigger in America — that includes grocery shopping. According to data from Kroger-owned 84.51°, nearly 75% of people in 2022 bought at least some grocery items in bulk, ranging from shelf-stable food items to household cleaners. Whether in-person or online, bulk-buying has become commonplace. In the Eastern half of the U.S., BJ's Wholesale Club is one of the biggest places to shop large. Originally founded in 1984 by Massachusetts-based department store Zayre, BJ's Wholesale Club warehouses have outlasted the original chain, boasting nearly 250 locations in 20 states as of April 2023. 

By purchasing an annual membership, you can walk out of any location with giant pasta boxes, mega-cases of soda, and much more — you can even get items delivered to your door. Buying food in bulk has many potential benefits, such as paying less per unit, reducing packaging waste, stocking up for events, and preparing for emergencies. However, bigger isn't necessarily better, and some items aren't worth loading up on. 


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