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CSA: Study: Most grocery purchases still made at the store — here's why

Convenience continues to be the main driver of omnichannel grocery shopping, with a large majority of shoppers citing it as the top reason for using pickup and delivery services.

That’s according to 84.51°’s February Consumer Digest, which analyzed the behaviors of Kroger shoppers. The report found that despite 40% of “omni-shoppers” reporting that they shop mostly in-store and 40% saying they mostly shop online, most purchases are still made at the store (83%). Nearly one-in-five (17%) shopping purchases are pickup/delivery.

Nearly half (46%) of omnichannel shoppers say that they spend less time ordering online compared to in-store, and over 80% of these shoppers who use pickup/delivery cite convenience as the reason for doing so. More than 60% of shoppers said they preferred orders fulfilled directly by the retailer instead of a third-party platform, while 24% said they had no preference.

When it comes to the top items ordered in-store, fresh baked goods (77%), produce (75%), deli/meat/seafood (74%) and dairy items (52%) were the most popular choices. Items that were most popular with pickup/delivery were paper products (76%), shelf-stable grocery (75%), household cleaning (72%), and pet food (70%).


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