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Consumer Goods Technology: In Data We Trust: How Johnsonville Kept the Sky In Place When Sales Dipped

Sometimes data leads the way to new and exciting opportunities; sometimes it prevents us from making profoundly terrible decisions; and sometimes it simply helps us understand the sky isn’t falling. It’s difficult to judge which one is most critical within the consumer goods industry. 

What these paths all have in common is the need for incredibly trustworthy data to ground decision making. When it comes to consumer behavior data, however, its collection is complicated by the fact that consumers aren’t actually the greatest judges of their behavior. While shoppers may swear to have elephant-grade memories, research indicates otherwise; what’s more, some survey takers are only incentivized to complete surveys by, well, the incentives. 

When food manufacturer Johnsonville wanted to dig into the source of its declining breakfast sausage and bacon sales, it knew it needed to hear from shoppers who were able to accurately communicate their shopping habits spanning over a year, and it needed absolute trust in the accuracy of the data.  


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