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Consumer Digest: December 2022

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Welcome to the December edition of the Consumer Digest, where we aim to provide relevant, informative and actionable insights around consumer trends. This month, we’re looking at what’s causing “holiday stress” and customer’s favorite hacks to save money on groceries. We’ll also look at how shoppers are feeling heading into the New Year.

While shoppers’ comfort over their finances was lower than what we saw in November, we saw a slight increase in shopper concern for COVID.

  • 24% of shoppers say they are feeling very uncomfortable about their finances, like what we saw back in April.

  • Inflationary concerns continue to be high this month with 69% of consumers still reporting their concern of high prices. 74% of households making $50k or less a year are extremely concerned.

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What’s causing “holiday stress”?

  • 53% Finances

  • 38% Buying gifts

  • 33% Crowded stores

  • 31% Getting sick (me or HH member)

  • 20% Getting house ready

  • 19% Gathering with family/friends

  • 7% I don’t get stressed

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What are your favorite hacks to save money on groceries?

  • “Stocking up when things are on sale”

  • “Buying in bulk, making meals stretch, using leftovers in different ways”

  • “Focusing on shelf stable pantry staples that last long”

When looking for deals or ways to spark inspiration, shoppers turn to their mobile devices, regardless of purchase modality. How do you plan to do most of your holiday grocery shopping?

  • 50% In-Store only

  • 20% Online only

  • 30% Hybrid

With half of shoppers planning to do their holiday grocery shopping in stores, mobile phones are still a part of the trip:

  • 48% search for digital coupons while they shop

  • 40% host the shopping list

  • 38% scan loyalty card

  • 38% use the store’s app

I plan on doing more of this in December than I did for Thanksgiving

  • 36% shopping with coupons

  • 35% paying attention to finances

  • 43% decorating

  • 24% gathering with friends/family

Financial concerns span both groceries and gifts. 44% of shoppers won’t spend as much on gifts this year, 39% will set a budget for each person they plan to buy for and 37% are simply buying less gifts.

Shoppers plan to make an impact to their communities this holiday season through volunteering and donating.

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SOURCE: 84.51° Real Time Insights, December 2022

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