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Consumer Digest: December 2021

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Welcome to the December edition of the Consumer Digest, where we aim to provide relevant, informative and actionable insights around consumer trends and what consumers value. This month, we examine whether or not consumers are running into gift availability issues, what gifts we’re giving each other for the holidays, New Year’s resolutions and how consumers are stretching their protein dollar.

Gift Availability This Holiday Season

Despite the concern that supply issues may affect holiday shopping this season, only 28% of shoppers have run into problems with availability as of December 7, 2021.

21% of shoppers indicated that they hadn’t begun their holiday gift shopping yet.

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Holiday Gifts Customers are Searching For

As customers fill their shopping carts this holiday season, the top three types of gifts they will be searching for include clothing, gift cards, and toys.

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Gift Cards – “Say vs. Do”

52% of shoppers say they will be shopping for gift cards this season, and we are already seeing an increase in gift card purchases this year vs last year.

Total spend on gift cards is up 14% in the 4 weeks ending December 14, 2021 when compared to the same 4-week period in 2020.

The average value per gift card this holiday season is $51.31, up 3% from $49.81 last year.

Although the highest gift card types by total sales are Amazon, Visa, and Dining, the types of gift cards with the highest percent increase in sales vs last year revolve around travel and entertainment.

Holiday Gatherings

  • This year, only 20% of consumers are planning on gathering with more people for the December holidays than 2020.

  • While 44% will be attending 1 gathering, 48% will be attending 2-3.

  • The vast majority of consumers are staying home, with 70% not planning to travel this year for the holidays.

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New Year’s Resolutions

  • When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, consumers are focused on saving money/spending less.

  • Overall health is also top of mind, with 57% saying they want to exercise more and 56% planning to eat healthier. Over half of consumers are looking to lose weight in 2022.

  • Speaking of health, 51% of shoppers are going to continue working out from home, with only 12% planning to go back to the gym and 22% will do both.

  • 11% of consumers plan to attempt quitting smoking, while only 8% are going to reduce their alcohol consumption.

Meat/Seafood Price Increases

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Consumers continue to notice an increase in price for meats and seafood. Over a third are choosing to simply buy less meat and seafood, while 36% are buying cheaper cuts of meat. Also, 34% of shoppers are finding new and unique recipes in order to stretch their meat budget. It should be noted that 10% of consumers aren’t changing their buying habits, even if they are noticing higher prices.

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