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Consumer Digest: Behavior Insights - Saving vs. Splurging August 2023

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Welcome to the August edition of the Consumer Digest, where we aim to provide relevant informative and actionable insights around consumer trends. This month, we are exploring the dichotomy in purchase behavior – saving vs. splurging. We’ll look at shopper’s preferences around national brands and store brands, the top commodities shoppers say they are willing (and not willing) to switch to a store brand and the reasons why. Finally, we’ll wrap up with consumers’ plans for the upcoming football season.

Inflation concerns are bouncing back

Shopper’s concern over inflation is back to Apr’23 levels after a three month-long decline.

AUG CD Chart 1

Simultaneous splurging + saving in a challenging economy

Recent industry studies reveal a dichotomy in purchase behavior where consumers are looking for savings and pinching pennies due to inflation but still ponying up to spend on items they’re loyal to, passionate about or just generally prefer for a variety of reasons. These items seem to be immune to the trade down trend that’s been taking place as CPI has skyrocketed over the past two years.

Using the 84.51° Stratum and Real Time Insights platforms, we set out to learn more about this phenomenon - what is and is not immune to the trade down trend.

National vs. store brand preferences

  • 8% Prefer National Brand

  • 29% Prefer National Brands but open to Store Brands

  • 17% No specific Brand preferences

  • 16% Prefer Store Brands but open to National Brands

  • 31% Prefer Store Brand

Top commodities shoppers are willing to switch to store brands

  • Frozen +3.8%

  • Shelf Stable +1.7%

  • Household Cleaning -2.6%

  • Healthcare (OTC) +2.7%

Top reasons why: willing to switch to store brands

  • Quality is just as good

  • Store Brands offer variety/selection that meets my needs

  • Store Brands offer product size(s) that meets my needs

Top commodities shoppers are not willing to switch to store brands

  • Pet +2.7%

  • Personal Care +0.04%

  • Beauty +7.4%

  • Drinks +2.1%

Top reasons why: not willing to switch to store brand

  • Quality is not as good

  • I always buy some national brands I like

  • Store Brands do not offer the variety or selection that meets my needs

Retail therapy & permissible pleasures

The top 10 items shoppers purchase with the intent to treat themselves... 

  • Candy

  • Baked Goods and Treats

  • Snacks

  • Ice Cream

  • Self-Care Products

  • Beverages

  • Hair Care Products

  • Name Brand Products

  • Cheese

  • Makeup

And what exactly motivates the “treating”?

  • Taste

  • Price/Sale

  • Cravings

  • Reward/Treat

  • Quality/Experience

  • Moods/Emotions

  • Good Deals

  • Packaging/Product

  • Nostalgia/Preference

  • Money/Budget

Spending on “better for you” products

Thinking of budgeting when shopping for groceries or household items, we asked:

AUG CD Chart 7

Motivations pyramid

To dig a little deeper and get an understanding on the “why” related to budgeting for healthier/better for you/your household products (e.g., organic, no additives, etc.), we asked: What motivates you to allocate more money for purchasing those products?

Highest ranking responses submitted from open-ended questions in order:

  • Health

  • Quality

  • Better for the Body

  • Saving Money

  • Motivation

  • Necessity

  • Family

  • Organic

  • Healthier Options

  • Cleaner & Better for the Environment

Are you ready for some football?!?

With football season upon us, we asked consumers if they are planning to watch or attend any football games (e.g., pro, college, high school). Numbers exceed 100% due to multi-select responses.

  • 85% Plan to watch games at home, host a party at home or watch at someone else’s home.

  • 25% Plan to attend games in person (in or out of town).

  • 21% Plan to go out to watch the games.

What kinds of pre-game activities consumers plan on attending during the football season, if any. Numbers exceed 100% due to multi-select responses.

  • 43% Gatherings at my house

  • 38% Gatherings at someone else’s house

  • 28% Plan to gather at an establishment(e.g., sports bar, local pub, restaurant)

  • 19% Plan to gather near/at the stadium (e.g., tailgating in the lot)

Top items shoppers are planning to purchase in a traditional grocery store for upcoming pre-game activities:

  • Chips/Pretzels

  • Soft Drinks

  • Dips/Salsas

  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Hot Dogs/Brats/Sausages

  • Paper Products/Plates/Napkins

  • Cheese Snacks

  • Condiments

  • Fresh Meat

  • Prepared Meat (rotisserie chicken)

Want to dig deeper?

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SOURCE: 84.51° Real Time Insights, August 2023

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