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Consumer Digest: 2024 New Year's Resolutions January 2024

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Welcome to the January Consumer Digest, where we provide relevant, informative and actionable insights around consumer trends. As we start the new year, we examine the changes that shoppers plan to make in 2024 especially around physical health, finances, and emotional wellbeing. We’ll also look at perceptions around “food as medicine,” dietary changes for the new year as well as what shoppers are looking for on product labels. Finally, we’ll wrap up with plans around Valentine’s Day & The Big Game.

Family matters: how HH composition dictates shopper behavior

8451 Jan CD Chart 3

2024 New Year’s resolutions and spending habits

58% of shoppers are setting goals heading into the new year, with most focused on physical health, finances, and emotional wellbeing. Shoppers report planning to cut back on discretionary spending and focus on necessary costs and savings.

  • 43% set New Year’s resolutions

  • 25% never set New Year’s resolutions

  • 17% did not set New Year’s resolutions this year

  • 15% haven’t yet, but plan to set New Year’s resolutions

Shoppers setting New Year’s resolutions are focused on mind, body, and wallet:

  • 79%: Physical health

  • 53%: Personal finances

  • 42%: Emotional wellbeing

  • 36%: Family

  • 34%: Mental health

  • 31%: Personal relationships

  • 31%: Experiences

Shoppers have a frugal outlook on the year ahead – claiming they’ll spend less on discretionary costs like dining out, the same on necessary costs like prescriptions, and more on savings/investments.

I plan to spend less:

  • 57%: Dining out/Carry out/food delivery services

  • 48%: Outside of home entertainment

  • 47%: Clothing

  • 43%: Beauty Services

No change in spending:

  • 69%: Prescription medicine

  • 66%: Medical providers and services

  • 65%: Transportation

  • 61%: Household essentials

I plan to spend more:

  • 53%: Savings/Investments

  • 27%: Travel

  • 23%: Supplements

  • 19%: Groceries

Where they plan to eat – Over the next few months, most shoppers will continue with where they have previously eaten. However, more are planning to cut back on eating food away from home, increasing eating at home.

8451 Jan CD Chart 7

Physical health sentiments

58% of shoppers report that they’ll follow a diet this year, with the leading reasons being support a healthier lifestyle, feel better, and lose weight.

  • 42%: No diet

  • 22%: Low carb

  • 19% High protein

  • 16%: Intermittent fasting

  • 8% Natural/Organic

  • 7%: Mediterranean; Keto

  • 5%: Vegetarian

  • 4%: Weight Watchers, Gluten free, Flexitarian

Shoppers who are following a specific diet reported the following reasons:

  • 65%: Support a healthier lifestyle

  • 62%: Feel better

  • 59%: Weight loss

  • 44%: Increase energy

  • 25%: Lower cholesterol

  • 22%: Treating a medical condition

  • 18% Save money

  • 15%: Doctor, physician, or dietician recommended

8451 Jan CD Chart 9

Food as medicine – managing heart health, weight, and cholesterol are the most universal concerns by all age segments

How important do you believe the food you eat is, if at all, when it comes to the following?

8451 Jan CD Chart 10

Reading labels…It’s what’s on the inside that counts

Shoppers read labels in categories that include ingestible products like medicines and vitamins in Health Care, along with Frozen Foods, and shelf stable products.

8451 Jan CD Chart 11

How important are the following when it comes to food product labels?

  • 43%: Guaranteed fresh

  • 43%: Good for your health

  • 42%: Nutritional value

  • 39%: Gives you energy

  • 37%: Strengthen immunity

The Big Game – What fans are eating on the side-lines

8451 Jan CD Chart 13

What type of food/beverage do you plan on purchasing for your Big Game celebration?

  • 51%: Household requests/preferences

  • 43%: Deals in preferred store

  • 35%: Items available in physical store while I shop

  • 33%: Recipes that I plan to make

  • 27%: Items I already have at home


Who are they buying for?

  • 54%: Spouse/Significant others

  • 32%: Children

  • 11%: Pets

  • 10%: Other relatives

  • 9%: Myself

Where do they find gift inspiration?

  • 52%: A mass retail store

  • 37%: Online search

  • 33%: A grocery store

  • 27%: Do not plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year

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SOURCE: 84.51° Real Time Insights, January 2024

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