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Better Homes & Gardens: If You Think Holiday Decor Came Early This Year, You're Right—Here's Why

Home Depot sold out of its giant skeletons in July, when Halloween fans got a little ~spooked~ about them disappearing from store shelves. While you can still find them on eBay, it costs between $450 and $700 to secure a new-in-box one (the retail price is $299). Halloween in July is admittedly early, even for the biggest pumpkin spice latte lover—and Christmas in July may be even harder to fathom. But the holiday displays continue to appear earlier and earlier each year.

The “Christmas creep” phenomenon, defined by Merriam-Webster as "the gradual lengthening of the Christmas season, with ever earlier displays of lights, wreaths, and decorated trees" began in 2021 with the concern that the pandemic would diminish holiday sales. A year later, ornaments and menorahs were displayed alongside back-to-school supplies, and customers took notice—and while it's a little jarring, many see the early access to seasonal decor as a plus.

“In fact, many customers plan to take advantage of an extended holiday shopping season to manage budgets, which continues to be important to many in this inflationary environment,” Barbara Connors, vice president of strategy and acceleration at 84.51°, told The Food Institute.

Some stores set out their summer Santa displays to clear out old stock before new holiday items arrive or because they’ve sold out of the current season's inventory.


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