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How Glanbia Performance Nutrition leveraged 84.51° Category Structures to understand consumer purchase patterns and cluster items based on the degree of substitutability


Glanbia Performance Nutrition (GPN) needed to truly understand what was working, how their customer was shopping within SlimFast and how to bring in new customers. Specifically, they wanted to dig deeper on the category structure to determine what attributes are most important to the shopper.


84.51° put together an attribute dendrogram (Category Structure) using the SlimFast brand as the data input. From there, 84.51° was able to analyze consumer purchase patterns and cluster items based on the degree of substitutability. The results helped the GPN team identify which products within their portfolio are driving purchase behavior.


GPN was able to use the dendrogram to drive assortment guidance for 2024. With 84.51°, they found that form is the most important attribute & that both RTD and Powder forms have a specific use case in the assortment. Other attributes such as flavor, sub-brands, protein content were identified and importance by form were determined. They were able to tie back loyalty driving attributes versus variety driving attributes in order to build ideal recommended assortments.


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