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Strattrack: 84.51° Data Science Director Shares Advice, Skills Needed to Succeed

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Chad Stripling, Director, Data Science

Tell us a little about where you grew up and what led you to study statistics and data science.

I grew up moving all over the Midwest, as my father was a college football coach and my mother was a teacher. I think both their professions and backgrounds are the reasons I became passionate about math and data science. Math and data science allowed me to blend the values I learned growing up—attention to detail from football and the desire to learn and understand from education.

When did you start working at 84.51°, and what was your first role?

I started as an intern for 84.51° back in 2014. My first full-time position was within our communications and consulting teams, helping clients develop their marketing strategies. Another part of the role was building propensity models and measuring campaign results. I have had several roles within the company since then that focus on insights delivery and cloud computing.

What tools and skills do you use daily to do your job?

The team and I use Databricks, Azure, and other business intelligence tools to build and enhance our sciences and client offerings. We often code in Pyspark, SQL, and various other languages when needed. Tech stakes and languages continue to change year in and year out, so we are always learning and studying the newest techniques.


Microsoft Teams Image 39
Chad Stripling, Director, Data Science
Chad Stripling is a director of data science at 84.51°, where he serves its consumer-packaged-goods clients by creating new tools and products to provide value and insights, creating new sciences and packages to enhan...

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