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Retail Leader: Building Your Data Science Organization to Deliver Maximum Value

Pro Tip: Data continues to become the currency for success in the retail industry, and organizations must invest in data science to optimize performance and create long-term strategies for growth.

The journey to data science transformation looks different for every organization. Regardless of your business structure and cultural readiness to leverage data, building a data science organization that is productive and delivers ROI is possible.

Through our work at 84.51°, we’ve partnered with businesses at all levels of cultural and technical maturity and found the key is to start small and start simple on the journey to harnessing data science to its maximum potential.

You may want to push your data science organization to impact many business areas as quickly as possible. But to create and scale value sustainably, start small with a narrow focus that will ultimately scale. Identify areas of the business that can benefit from data-driven strategies and where key questions are ready to be answered.

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