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Analytics: How to Maximize Your Impact as a Newly Hired Data Scientist

So, you’ve successfully navigated the daunting tech job market and secured your first role as a data scientist? Congratulations – the hardest part is over! Or is it? According to Harvard’s Alumni Career Blog, “research suggests that an employee’s first 90 days will in large part determine [their] performance, longevity, and contribution to the company.” It is vital for a company to provide a comprehensive onboarding experience to any new employee, but that is only half the battle. It is critical to own your career and bring an intentional plan to the table as you step into your new role.

As the leader of the data scientist early career programs at 84.51°, I have mentored and coached more than 75 new data scientists – many of whom are in their first full-time role outside of an internship or hands-on classroom experience. Here is some advice I share with my teams as they begin their careers as data scientists.

Choosing the right role for you is the first step to maximizing your impact as a new data scientist. In “Finding the Right Data Science Role: 4 Key Criteria,” 84.51°’s VP of Data Science Lyndsey Padden highlights the importance of understanding the work happening on data science teams and making sure the work aligns with your interests and development goals. Ideally, you want to shoot for a role that provides you challenging and diverse work with plenty of opportunities to help you learn and grow. Being passionate about the organization’s work, company values and goals makes your impact on your direct team and broader organization that much easier! 


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