Jane Family Photo 1

Supporting our communities through Employee Grant Stipends

Jane Family Photo 1

84.51° is proud to support organizations that our people care about as part of our Living Our Purpose program. While our overall Living Our Purpose focus is on STEM, food insecurity and DE&I, we understand our associates have their own passions, too, which is why we developed Employee Grant Stipends. All 84.51° associates are eligible for a $1,000 stipend to the charity of your choice, so long as they are active within that charity (serving on the board, a committee, or the chair of an event).   

Here is how Katherine Masterson, Jane Eby and Karen Sullivan gave back to organizations near and dear to their hearts. 

Cincinnati Nature Center – Katherine Masterson 

Katherine Masterson is a Solutions Design Consultant at 84.51° and is an engaged member and supporter of Cincinnati Nature Center, a nonprofit organization that believes nature is for everyone. 

Katherine By Trail Sign

Only 25 minutes from downtown, Cincinnati Nature Center protects 1.8K acres of land, providing a haven to wildlife and 20+ miles of hiking trails to our community. They offer a wide range of programs to ensure that all people have an opportunity to connect with nature in a way that’s best for them.  

“84.51° helped make one of Cincinnati Nature Center’s biggest events possible this past December,” Katherine says.  

Each holiday season, Cincinnati Nature Center puts on a monthslong, holiday event: Light in the Forest.  

Glow Flowers

Light in the Forest is a winter walking tour of seasonal lights reflecting a theme of peace, nature, and contemplation. Individuals and families can connect with nature while enjoying light installments from renowned artists. It’s also an opportunity for Cincinnati Nature Center to raise money to support its trails, conservation efforts, and other programs. 

Glow Moths

“84.51° was a trail sponsor of Light in the Forest,” Katherine says. “The event attracted 18,000 visitors from 36 states and 5 countries. Thank you for the generous support, 84.51°!” 

The Karen Wellington Foundation – Jane Eby 

Jane Eby is an Account Manager on Kroger Precision Marketing at 84.51°.  She facilitates the Eby Family Living FUNd through The Karen Wellington Foundation

The Karen Wellington Foundation’s mission is simple.  They put fun on the calendars of women and families living with breast cancer by sending them on special vacations, relaxing spa days, concerts and other fun-only activities. 

Jane Family Photo 1

Jane Eby, far right, pictured (from left) with her sister Anna, her mom Sue, and her dad John Eby. 

“After my mom, a pre-school teacher, received a gift of FUN from KWF, my family wanted to show our gratitude by starting the Eby Family Living FUNd benefiting teachers with breast cancer,” Jane says.  “My employee grant stipend is directly funding a gift of FUN for a local teacher LIVING with breast cancer. “ 

Jane S Mom Finishing Treatment

Celebrating the day Sue, Jane’s mom, finished treatment and rang the bell.  

“In the end, my mom beat breast cancer!” Jane shares. “Including the 84.51° stipend, I’ve raised over $4,000 for teachers living with breast cancer and have been able to give several gifts of FUN to some very strong women!” 

Workout Class

Jane hosted a workout class, attended by several 84.51˚ colleagues, to raise money.  

In 2023, the Karen Wellington Foundation provided over 850 gifts of fun to deserving recipients.  

Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR) – Karen Sullivan 

Karen Sullivan, Lead Consultant on the Loyalty Strategy and Rewards team at 84.51°, volunteers and fosters for Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR). OAR’s goal is to make life happier, healthier, and more fulfilled for cats and their people by providing low cost, high-volume spay/neuter services for the community and The Joanie Bernard Home for Cats Adoption Center.   

“I help cats get ready for their forever homes by letting them hang out at my house until they are ready for the adoption center and, ultimately, their forever home,” Karen says. “Foster homes are needed to allow time for intakes to be vaccinated, grow big enough to be spayed or neutered, heal from an injury or an illness, or just have the time to learn to trust humans.”


Cat Adoption

A cat rescued by Ohio Alleycat Rescue (OAR) and nursed back to health. Photo on the right is the day it was adopted into it’s fur-ever home!  

OAR pulls cats into their program that are on other organizations euthanasia list. It costs OAR $250 from intake to adoption. This route starts with intake, including a wellness assessment and any medical services needed, a foster home, spay/neuter surgery, and eventual adoption.   

The OAR spay and neuter team.  

Spay And Neuter 1

“84.51°’s employee grant stipend helped save four cats from euthanasia who will now end up in loving homes,” she says.  

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