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Supermarket News: Interest is high for grocery plant-based alternatives

While activity in some of the major plant-based categories is cooling, shoppers are still flocking to the sector and the potential for revenue expansion is vast.

“The top 20 growing categories are across all departments, showing consumers are looking for plant-based alternatives in grocery, dairy, meat, baby, and even health and beauty,” said Sherry Frey, vice president of total wellness for NielsenIQ, a Chicago-based global consumer intelligence firm.

Frey reported that 17% of consumers report currently eating a plant-based or plant-forward diet, and in 2022 there were 691,000 consumer searches on retailer websites for plant-based products.

“There’s been an increase in plant-based foods across the grocery store and consumer interest is high,” she said.

With plant-based options available in 30 grocery categories and many innovative items, including eggs, seafood, yogurt, and creamers, hitting the market, the sector is poised for growth, said Julie Emmett, vice president of marketplace development for the San Francisco-based Plant Based Foods Association and Plant Based Foods Institute.

Those kind of product enhancements include selections with more appealing taste and texture; the use of healthier ingredients, such as chickpeas, hemp, mycoprotein, B12, iron, and zinc; and the inclusion of nuts and seeds that contain vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.


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