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Path to Purchase Institute: Path to Purchase Trends 2023: Challenges and Opportunities

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Our 27th annual survey finds commerce marketers concerned about navigating inflation and the economy, while also trying to figure out how to leverage the promise that retailer media networks bring.

Identifying commerce marketing trends and opportunities is our primary goal each year as we conduct the Path to Purchase Trends survey. This go-around, our 27th annual survey (which was fielded in November 2022) saw two areas of focus jump to the forefront: retail media and inflation.

Retail media and, specifically, retailer media networks aren’t new on our radar; they have been a major part of our trends report for the past three years. But retail media is continually growing, and increasing in importance, as this year’s survey results indicate — 58% of respondents said their organization’s investment in retailer media networks increased in 2022.

And it will come as no surprise that inflation and the economy were hands down the most frequently mentioned business-related concerns for our respondents as they headed into 2023. With our survey, we were able to pick the brains of 166 marketing executives, who shared their opinions on various other important topics as well. Read on to dig into the results.

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