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Empowering Introverts at Work


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Are you an introvert struggling to navigate extroverted workplaces? Then this episode of the Quiet & Strong podcast is for you. Host David Hall interviews Ryan Showalter, Director of Consulting at 84.51°. Ryan noticed the struggles of other introverts at work that he had also experienced earlier in his career. Along his career path, Ryan learned to embrace his introversion to be successful and now wanted to help support other introverts. This led to him creating an associate resource group with the support of 84.51° called "ITOPiA" which supports introverted employees. ITOPiA provides awareness around introversion in the workplace and how introverts can bring their strength and also honor their needs at work. ITOPiA advocates for introvert-friendly practices, provides resources, sponsors events, and offers opportunities for one-on-one consulting. ITOPiA helps create a space for introverts to thrive and promotes a more inclusive environment and an understanding between introverts and extroverts. Listen now to discover how you can flourish as an introvert in your career.

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