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Employee spotlight: Sydni Berkhalter

8451 900 X 635 Employee Spotlight 900 X 635 Sydni Berkhalter 2 X

What makes 84.51˚ an intriguing company? Is it the hybrid work, the free food regularly found around the office or the challenging problems that we tackle? While these aspects are undoubtedly great, it’s the people that make working here truly special. Check out our Employee Spotlight series to learn more about who we are and the unique traits of our teammates.

Hometown:  Cincinnati, Ohio Office Location:  Cincinnati Start Date:  June 2020 Job title:  Senior Campaign Operations Specialist

Describe your role.

I am on the Kroger Precision Marketing team working with manufacturers such as Unilever, Georgia Pacific and Johnsonville Sausage. I work with both internal and external stakeholders to deliver flawless execution of ~40 campaigns per period. Execution involves things such as sharing asset due dates with all parties, collecting necessary assets for a campaign, approving and answering all creative questions and many others.

How long have you worked in media campaign management and what inspired you to pursue this field?

I started working at 84.51° in June 2020. The Mentor in Training (MIT) program allowed me to learn about various parts of the company and gain skills such as certification in 84.51° Stratum before being placed on the Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM) team in January 2021.      I have worked in media campaign management for over a year now, starting in January 2023. Before this role, I was a Media Account Manager supporting multiple clients including Unilever (my current and largest client). Working alongside the campaign managers on my team helped me to understand the multiple stakeholders involved in a campaign and sparked my interest in campaign management as an opportunity to take an even deeper dive into the workings of media.  

What has been the most memorable experience or favorite project you’ve worked on?

In February, I was part of the subcommittee that hosted the first Black History Month events in the Cincinnati office. The event I organized was a local market set up on the 9th floor that highlighted small black-owned businesses around Cincinnati. It was so nice to take a step back from my day-to-day life to plan an event that many of my coworkers could attend (and leave great reviews about). It was also a lot of fun working with the committee, many of whom are on different teams around the company and working with the vendors to make the event successful! 

What’s your favorite part about working at 84.51°? Do you have a favorite benefit or perk that is offered?

My favorite part about working at 84.51° is definitely the culture. Everyone is so nice and always willing to help. We really work as a team here and I always feel so supported. My favorite benefit is probably the Kroger employee discount and getting free swag!

What advice would you give to those who are considering working in this field?

I would advise someone considering this role or KPM in general to not feel like they need to know everything coming in the door. No one knows everything, but everyone knows something. Use your resources and be confident with the viewpoint that you bring to the table.

What do you like to do in your free time outside of work hours?

In my free time I enjoy traveling, trying new restaurants in the city, hanging out with my friends and family and watching TikToks.

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