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Employee spotlight: Moody Khan

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What makes 84.51˚ an intriguing company? Is it the flexible hybrid work options, the free food regularly found around the office or the challenging problems that we tackle? While these aspects are undoubtedly great, it’s the people that make working here truly special. Check out our Employee Spotlight series to learn more about who we are and the unique traits of our teammates. 

Hometown: Chicago, IL  Office Location: Chicago, IL  Start Date: August 2018  Job title: Manager, Data Science 

Describe your role: 

I oversee a portfolio of CPG clients, offering analytical data science support for KPM campaigns throughout their lifecycle. Additionally, I am responsible for managing two direct reports. 

How long have you worked in data science and what inspired you to pursue this field? 

I have been working in data science since 2017, so about 6 years. I started off going to school to become a meteorologist and my academic trajectory exposed me to an array of mathematical and statistical courses. That is when I discovered how much I enjoyed statistics, which led me to pursue a bachelor's and master's in it along with my meteorology degree. I graduated in 2017 right when “data science” was taking off as a career path and that is how I got into this field.  

What interested you in joining 84.51°? 

Reflecting on 2018, I was exploring new job opportunities. Interestingly, 84.51° was not a familiar name back then. It was a recruiter who reached out, highlighting the alignment between my background and the role at 84.51°. Despite the company being unknown to me or any of my friends and family, I decided to throw my hat in the ring. As fate would have it, the interviews went smoothly, and the warmth of the people I met made accepting the offer an easy decision. Since then, looking back has only reaffirmed my choice. 

What has been the most memorable experience or favorite project you’ve worked on?

When reflecting on my projects here at 84.51°, the project that holds a special place is the KPM historical results dashboard, also known as “The Moody Dashboard”. It all started when I was pulling benchmarking data for a client of mine. The thought occurred to me: "Why not create a tool that offers this dynamically for all clients?" As time progressed, the initial idea blossomed into a comprehensive benchmarking dashboard utilized by diverse teams across KPM. What’s more, we have rolled out a client-facing version as part of the KPM Upfronts. The name "Moody Dashboard" was coined by my former colleague Mark Hils during an all KPM sales meeting, and it has stuck ever since. 

What’s your favorite part about working at 84.51°? Do you have a favorite benefit or perk that is offered?

What makes my time here truly enjoyable boils down to two key aspects. Firstly, the people — a fantastic bunch. Every colleague exudes kindness, support, and positive vibes. There is no hint of toxic competition; instead, everyone is genuinely helpful. Secondly, the emphasis on work-life balance is remarkable. Ample vacation days are not just a perk; they are actively encouraged. Managers prioritize and maintain a healthy work-life equilibrium, contributing to a positive work environment. 

What advice would you give to those who are considering working in this field?

If you enjoy solving problems and working with numbers, then data science is a field you will enjoy. There is so much untapped potential in data and with the right analytical mind, any individual can make huge contributions to a business. In anticipation of the field's evolution, a key recommendation is to proactively engage with and gain familiarity in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). 

What do you like to do in your free time outside of work hours?

When I am not busy with life, I have these three go-to hobbies that I am crazy about. First up is basketball, my OG love – I hit the court 2-3 times a week, including a day for an intramural league. Then there's woodworking; I took a high school class and now have enough tools to open my own workshop. Recently, I tackled a shed project from scratch using my own plans, and you can catch the timelapse on YouTube. The third one is videography, I love traveling to beautiful places with my drone and creating highlight videos from my trips. 

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