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Employee spotlight: DJ Hammett

8451 900 X 635 Employee Spotlight 900 X 635 DJ H 2 X

What makes 84.51˚ an intriguing company? Is it the hybrid work, the free food regularly found around the office or the challenging problems that we tackle? While these aspects are undoubtedly great, it’s the people that make working here truly special. Check out our Employee Spotlight series to learn more about who we are and the unique traits of our teammates. 

Hometown:  Cincinnati, OH   Office Location:  Cincinnati, OH  Start Date:  February 2023  Job title:  Finance Manager, Corporate Development 

Describe your role.

I help support teams across the Alternative Profit business to create financial models and strategic analyses for new partnership deals and venture opportunities to maximize long-term value creation.  

How long have you worked in finance and what inspired you to pursue this field?

Including internship opportunities, I’ve been in the finance field for roughly seven years. My motivation to pursue Finance was driven by my interest in gaining a wholistic understanding of underlying business operations and performance, as well as evaluating strategic decisions to drive the company forward.  

What interested you in joining 84.51°? 

For me, the biggest draw to 84.51° was the opportunity to partner with a wide array of Alternative Profit teams and provide financial/analytical support to diverse business models.  

What has been the most memorable experience or favorite project you’ve worked on?

One of the most memorable projects so far has been my team’s involvement in standing up the newly formed MPearlRock partnership, where we’ll engage emerging brands and support their long-term growth.  

What’s your favorite part about working at 84.51°? Do you have a favorite benefit or perk that is offered?

By far my favorite part of 84.51° has been working with great people who are collaborative, knowledgeable and insightful. I’ve also enjoyed the 84.51° culture which always welcomes new and innovative ideas. 

What advice would you give to those who are considering working in this field?

Be open to new opportunities and develop relationships within your professional circles. Many of the roles I’ve had in the finance field weren’t directly tied to my immediate career goals, but each one has offered a unique perspective and exposure to experiences that have better positioned me to succeed on my finance path. 

What do you like to do in your free time outside of work hours?

Outside of work, I enjoy attending Cincinnati sports games and exploring new restaurants and places in and around the downtown area. I’m always looking for recommendations on new spots to try.  

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