Soccer Club Photo 2

84.51° supports the organizations that associates care about

Soccer Club Photo 2

84.51° is proud to support organizations that our people care about as part of our Living Our Purpose initiative. We understand our associates have their own passions, which is why we developed employee grant stipends. ​​​​​​​    All 84.51° team members are eligible for a $1,000 stipend to the charity of their choice, so long as they are active within that charity (serving on the board, a committee, or the chair of an event).   

Take a look at how 84.51° associates are giving the Employee Grants to organizations near and dear to their hearts. 

Cancer Family Care – Michelle Krummen

Michelle Krummen is a Director of Talent at 84.51°. As a cancer survivor herself, Michelle is extremely passionate about giving back to those impacted by cancer.  

“In 2018, I was diagnosed with Stage One, triple negative breast cancer,” she shares. “This is the type of cancer that scares doctors because they can’t tell the difference between healthy cells and cancer cells. Therefore, the treatment is to throw everything at you - lumpectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation. While I am naturally an optimist, that was even tested through this process. In the end, I beat cancer and now want to help others diagnosed with cancer.” 

Michelle And Rodger

Michelle and her husband, Rodger

Michelle currently serves as Board President of Cancer Family Care, a nonprofit organization that helps children and adults cope with the effects of a cancer diagnosis in the family with therapeutic counseling, education, and support. In November, Cancer Family Care held their annual Wine Tasting and Auction to raise funds.  

“The event raised over $400,000, exceeding their goal,” Michelle says. “A BIG thank you to 84.51° for supporting this special cause!” 

Michelle And Mindy

Michelle and Mindy Rector, a Kroger VP and CFC board member  

Lindenhurst Area Soccer Club – Brian Burns   

Brian Burns is a Lead Product Support Analyst at 84.51˚ and serves as the board president of the Lindenhurst Area Soccer Club (LASC), a non-profit organization in Illinois.   

The LASC mission is to provide the best possible environment for youth soccer players to reach their maximum potential. Our goal is to deliver quality soccer experience while promoting integrity, confidence, pride, teamwork, and sportsmanship both on and off the field. LASC has players ranging in age from 5 to 17 years old.   

Soccer Club Photo 1

Brian and his family have been part of the travel soccer club for eight years! “We couldn’t be prouder of the organization, parents, and most of all the kids!”, Brian says. “Without donations like the 84.51° Employee Grant Stipend, it would be incredibly challenging to accommodate all of our club and families’ needs. These donations are used to offset some of the operating costs such like field maintenance, outdoor lighting costs, etc.”  

Soccer Club Photo 2

He says the LASC also allocates part of the funds to assist families financially to join the LASC, making it accessible for everyone. 

“We also mandate that each family and player volunteer within our surrounding communities throughout the year,” he says. “LASC will host events to provide volunteer opportunities as well, like at Bernie’s Book Bank, Feed My Starving Children, and food drives for local pantries.”  

Changing Gears – Amanda Woodly 

Changing Gears Photo 1

Amanda Woodly is a Director of Solution Design Consulting and Merchandising at 84.51˚ and volunteers with ChangingGears, a local charity that removes transportation barriers for people who are working their way out of poverty. ChangingGears works closely with CityLink Center programs to provide reliable transportation to Cincinnati’s unemployed and working poor who are striving toward new careers and employment.   

Changing Gears Photo 2

“I've been involved with ChangingGears annual Grand Prix fundraising event, supporting planning and execution of their volunteer program,” she shares. “The 84.51˚ donation will be used to purchase automotive supplies needed to rehabilitate donated vehicles which will be sold at half the fair market value at 0% APR to the working poor to support them as they work to acquire new careers and employment.”  

Changing Gears Photo 3

“The event raised over $134,000, exceeding their goal of $125,000!” Amanda says. “Thank you to 84.51˚ for supporting this special cause!” 

Saint Vincent de Paul – Jim Gerwe  

Jim Gerwe is a Director of Solutions Technology Systems at 84.51˚ and is a member of the Saint Vincent de Paul board, whose mission is built on neighbors helping neighbors.  

“This grant supports our Retrofittings event, which reuses items from thrift stores to host a fashion show, raising funds for our various programs like the food pantry,” he shares.  

“I am so grateful to be part of this organization that is built on helping those in need around us,” Jim says. “And I am grateful to work for a company that supports the organizations I am a part of.” 

St Vincent De Paul 1

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