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Living our purpose: Investing our time, talent and treasure to make people's lives easier

Sure, we’ve figured out how to make people feel special in the retail space, but we also want to make them feel special wherever they are. Part of Living Our Purpose means always doing the right thing and making life rewarding for the community in which we live and serve.

We’re good people. And good neighbors, too.

We’re known for our enthusiasm, camaraderie and diligence, and we want to share those great qualities with the communities where we live. That’s why we step outside our day-to-day business to serve our neighbors... And we have fun doing it.

Investing our talent

84.51° Skills-Based Volunteering provides our consultants, engineers and data scientists the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their community while refining their talents.

Hunger Mapping ensures food access for our most vulnerable

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in spring of 2020, Cincinnati Public School closed, and kids were left with no secure access to meals. The community quickly came together to create food access solutions, powered by 84.51° Food Access Maps that ensured that all kids living in food-insecure communities were within a one-mile walking distance to a meal distribution hub. The impact of this work had a profound affect on communities as kids and their families were guaranteed access to nutritious food.

“Our city came together during the pandemic to ensure that every family had access to healthy food. It was absolutely remarkable, and could not have been possible without the mapping and data support provided by 84.51°. Partners need to know exactly where to go to make sure everyone got food, and 84.51° made that possible.”

-Cincinnati City Councilman Greg Landsman

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Map For Community

Investing our time and treasure: Associate-led volunteerism and corporate giving

84.51° Degrees of Giving is a grass-roots corporate giving initiative that distinguishes our company culture from others. Associates nominate and vote for the charities 84.51° supports each year. Here are the organizations we’ve had the privilege to support.


Identifying the determinants of recidivism for our homeless community

Since 2007, Strategies to End Homelessness has led a coordinated community effort to end homelessness in Greater Cincinnati and 84.51° has been their data and analytics partner for years. Our talented data scientists have worked directly with the STEH science team to build models and dashboards predicting indicators of homeless recidivism. Through the power of data, STEH has made incremental steps improving outcomes through street outreach and rapid rehousing programs.

“As we have built our data analysis capacity from scratch, 84.51° has helped us see what was possible, chart a plan and overcome obstacles every step of the way. From helping debug code to offering advice on building a data-driven culture, 84.51°’s expertise has been invaluable.”

-Kevin Finn, Executive Director Strategies to End Homelessness