Consumer Research at 84.51°

Our consumer researchers amplify our industry-leading analytics with cutting-edge research to uncover the “why” behind customer behavior.

What an 84.51° Consumer Researcher does

You’ll find our researchers rolling up their sleeves to leverage a wide range of methodologies, technologies and research solutions - both quanitative and qualitative, to design and execute research. In turn, that research raises the collective understanding of customer’s motivations and compels business leaders to act.

What they're good at

Our researchers are sense-makers with a firm grasp of the research process. They’re driven by using analytics, critical thinking and collaboration to understand customers at a human level.

  • Curious
  • Innovative
  • Collaborative
500 X 350

Customer voice meets big data

Our researchers work on developing a deep understanding of customers. Then, they transform these insights into human stories and business recommendations that compel actions and delight customers.

Open Positions

Early career paths

New to the field? Our university programs and early career paths will allow you to dive head-first into the world of customer data. We have roles that vary across Consulting, Data Science, Engineering, Product & Design, Consumer Research.

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