Black Lives Matter Statement

Our hearts are hurting as a company, a city, and a nation after this emotional and painful week. While we take the time to digest what has and is currently happening around us, we want to be very clear where we stand at 84.51°.

We believe there is no debate to be had, there is only one answer, and that is racism in any form is wrong and unacceptable. We believe all people are equal and deserve the same rights and opportunities. We believe we are better together, and it is our responsibility to make our voices heard when we see racism and injustices unfold.

84.51° is grounded in equality, and we are committed to always listening, growing, and taking action. This week, our company will be meeting in virtual groups to check-in to ensure we are supporting our associates during this time and invite them to engage in discussions and action to further change our city and nation.

We invite you to initiate conversations and action, too. We’ve included a link to a list of resources our Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Terron Wilson, recommends to get started.

We cannot afford to stay silent. We must all raise our voices; lives depend on it.


Stuart Aitken
CEO, 84.51°