Who We Are

We believe in making people’s lives easier.

We make people’s lives easier.
Simple idea, right? Not exactly.

Making people’s lives easier is a vague idea, so what does it truly mean?

We define “people” as our associates, customers, clients and the communities we serve, and we work hard to achieve a deep, personal understanding about all of them. Implementing the learnings—to make their lives easier—is the hard part. Whether it’s shown through offering unparalleled workplace culture and benefits, providing targeted and useful content or using data to help retail strategies come to life, we have the tools to ensure that, depending on which people we’re serving, we can make it work.

Our focus on the customer never wavers.

84.51° is devoted to helping retail partners develop, nurture and embrace customer-driven relationships. By using a sophisticated suite of tools and technology, our fearless people navigate the complex data landscape to reveal relevant customer patterns. We believe if you dig deep enough, the results will follow—and building the bottom line should be a result, not the primary objective.

We’re leading a much-needed data revolution in the retail business. If you’re interested in becoming part of this new and improved customer-first commitment,  consider joining us at 84.51°.

The Name

Our name has a lot of people scratching their heads...and we like that.