Who We Are

Devoted to making people's lives easier.

Making people’s lives easier is a simple idea. But achieving real customer understanding and implementing those learnings can be extremely challenging.

We have started with retail, and the 84.51° team is devoted to helping our partners develop, nurture, and embrace customer-driven relationships. By using a sophisticated suite of tools and technology, our fearless people navigate the complex data landscape to reveal relevant customer patterns. We believe if you do the right thing, the results will follow. That building the bottom line should be a result, not the primary objective.

Our focus on the customer never wavers.

We’re rewriting best practices within a diverse community that’s energizing, encouraging, and fun. We take our business seriously, but not ourselves. We genuinely enjoy ourselves during (and after) work, and we thrive in an environment where every opinion is valued, contrary thinking is encouraged, and the focus on the customer never wavers.

There’s a much-needed revolution taking place in business. Discover a new and improved customer-first commitment. Join us at 84.51°.

The Name

Our name has a lot of people scratching their heads...and we like that.