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4weeks Ago

A New Fintech Accelerator emerges, backed by Ohio industry giants

84.51° Editors

April 25 2017
5weeks Ago

What We’re Reading: Kellogg’s, Hershey’s Lead Food Brands in Consumer Engagement

84.51° Editors

April 18 2017

Recent UBS Group report highlights Kroger’s customer data and analytics work with 84.51°

84.51° Editors

March 24 2017

What We’re Reading: What We Would Miss in an All-Amazon-Shopping World

84.51° Editors

February 28 2017

Food Deserts: The Gaps and Progress Made to Close Them

Corey Riggenbach & Bradley Warner

January 11 2017

How Retailers Can Take Advantage of Food Trends on Social Media

Callie Zimmerman and Kelly Rains

December 21 2016

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Loyalty Programs: The Two Must-Haves

Aaron Watkins and Sean Hynes

December 8 2016

Kroger names 84.51°'s Yael Cosset as chief digital officer

84.51° Editors

December 6 2016

84.51° Shines at Kroger Investor Conference

84.51° Editors

November 15 2016
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