Winning the Digital Aisle

On this episode, guests Kelsey Crookes and Peter Johnson to talk about the shift of grocery shopping from in-store to online. We’ll chat about the partnership between Kroger Precision Marketing and Microsoft PromoteIQ that is helping brands win business in today’s digital aisles. We also a shine a light on important holiday marketing trends in ecommerce.

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Kelsey Crookes is a Lead Consultant for 84.51°’s Product Strategy & Innovation team. In her role, she leads the strategy and development for Product Listing Ads, part of the Kroger Precision Marketing portfolio, and is focused on helping brands connecting with shoppers at the point of purchase. Kelsey joined 84.51° in 2016 supporting Kroger’s Produce and Floral Merchandising business and brings an analytical and problem-solving mindset to her work in the media space. Kelsey is a Miami University alumna and an avid reader and baker.

Peter Johnson leads the Microsoft PromoteIQ Client Partner team dedicated to Kroger Precision Marketing.  His goal is to empower brands with the strategic insights needed to leverage the PromoteIQ platform to connect with Kroger shoppers. He is a veteran in the digital advertising space with over 15 years of experience. Peter is an alumnus of NYU, and a dedicated New Yorker who loves all the food, culture and diversity the city has to offer.

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