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CDO: 84.51° Chief Data & Technology Officer: Fusion Teams With Business Intimacy Are Key to Speed and Relevance

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March 08, 2023
By: Todd James, Chief Data & Technology Officer

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(US and Canada) Todd James, Chief Data and Technology Officer at 84.51°, speaks with Steve Kleinmann, Industry Practice Lead for Master Data Solutions at Moody’s Analytics, in a video interview about managing quality and governance of data at scale, the role of fusion teams and business intimacy in driving impact, and the possibilities of emerging technologies such as AI.

James says it is only possible to manage data quality and governance at scale with telemetry. He explains that the first step is measuring and tracking data flow and understanding the challenges. He notes that a mindset change regarding business and technology is the next — and more critical — step. Apart from platforms, governance structures, and telemetry, data leaders need to shift their mindsets and bring the business along with them, James adds.

According to James, the real challenge for data professionals is to ensure stakeholders see themselves as worthy custodians of data and that the data is enriched to serve as a resource for their decisions, thus creating better experiences, making people's lives easier, and gaining a competitive edge.

8451 pardot email buttons-09 full article

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