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Consumer Perceptions and the 2020 Holidays

November 24, 2020
By: The Uplowd

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On this special Thanksgiving episode of The Uplow’d, we welcome guests Erika Penrose and Logan O’Neil to discuss the recent research completed by 84.51° on consumers’ perceptions about COVID-19. We’ll discuss how shoppers’ attitudes about the pandemic have evolved over time since the outbreak, and how brands can expect this to impact spending around the upcoming holidays.

To read the full report, Consumer Perceptions on Returning to Normal and its Impact on the Upcoming Holidays, click here:

Erika Penrose is a Consultant on the Foundational Research team, where she is focused on bringing the voice of the customer to life. Through her role, she leads various consumer research survey-based projects. In addition to her work on mapping out the pain points of the customer journey and running a bi-weekly survey on COVID-related sentiments, she has also worked on the Topics and Trends program, providing educational insights on relevant industry trends. Erika joined 84.51° in 2019, and enjoys cooking new foods and trying to visit all of the Cincinnati parks.

Logan O’Neil is a Senior Consultant on the Commercial Insights and Loyalty, Commercial Solutions team. In her role, she leads 84.51° Insights Product Marketing efforts, showcasing the value of 84.51° Insights products, solutions, and capabilities through the development and implementation of go-to-market strategies. Logan joined 84.51° in 2018 and hit the ground running, contributing to the pre-sales journey and launch of 84.51° Stratum – producing sales collateral and leading product demonstrations. Logan has also led and contributed to a number of sales enablement efforts, supporting 84.51° Insights Account Managers. Logan is an alumna of The University of Alabama and enjoys outdoor activities and traveling.

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