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Omnichannel shopper insights: Ecommerce provides more flexibility than ever

June 29, 2022

Even the most ecomm savvy find their way in-store...but why?

It’s no secret that ecommerce provides more flexibility than ever in choosing the days and times we shop. What was once an afternoon spent pushing a cart up and down the aisles has now become 15 minutes of clicking coupons and adding items to a virtual cart. But even the most experienced online shoppers frequent the store on occasion.

When Pickup shoppers visit the store on the same day as placing an online order, four out of 10 say they’ve done so because they forgot to add something to their online cart. They also say they’ve:

  • Looked for an item that was out of stock online (28%)
  • Shopped for a product they like to buy themselves (24%)
  • Needed to resolve an item-substitution error (23%)

While the convenience of online shopping is undeniable, in-store is still the top choice among omnichannel shoppers for certain trips. Learn more in our latest white paper.

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