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Holidays 2021: Who's on your list? Why the hybrid shopper is here to stay

August 02, 2021

Digital dabbler or digital champ: What drives today’s hybrid grocery shoppers?

Even before spring 2020’s shutdowns made it a practical necessity, grocery e-commerce was on the rise. In fact, 84.51° research reveals the number of households shopping for groceries online more than doubled between late 2019 and early 2020. So it should come as no surprise that while in-store trips have steadily increased since April 2021 as customers grow more comfortable returning to physical stores, the convenience factor will keep e-commerce solidly in the mix.

With hybrid shoppers here to stay, it’s critical for brands and retailers to understand how and why they make the choices they do.

A tale of two shoppers

Delving into the profile of digital shoppers, 84.51° identified a number of commonalities: They trend Gen X and younger, have higher incomes and have children. They are high-convenience shoppers and medium to high natural and organic shoppers. Beyond these common traits, however, two distinct household types emerge—each with its own motivations. Take a look:

The digital champ

  • Overindex as 3-member households that emphasize high health and high quality
  • May see e-commerce as part of their healthy lifestyle
  • Made 14+ shopping trips during 2020 holiday; half of those were e-commerce
  • Half were digital shoppers during 2019 holiday
  • Shopped 62 times throughout the year; more than one third of trips were e-commerce
  • 72% of their grocery holiday spend is e-commerce
  • Spent 3x more on holiday pickup or delivery than digital dabblers and 2.2x more than all households
  • Account for 25% of digital households but 61% of spend

The digital dabbler

  • Very price sensitive
  • More likely than digital champs to have a household with 5 or more members
  • May be looking more for good deals for their larger households
  • 2–4 online shopping trips with pickup or delivery and 3+ trips in-store during 2020 holidays
  • Did not shop online during 2019 holiday
  • Made 16 shopping trips during 2020 holiday; 1/5 were e-commerce
  • 25% of grocery holiday spend is e-commerce
  • Made 3.5 digital shopping trips during non-holiday 2020
  • Account for 14% of digital households but 10% of spend

Learn more about today’s hybrid shoppers and their impact on the 2021 holiday outlook in our report: Holidays 2021: Who’s on your list? Why the hybrid shopper is here to stay.

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